The Marvel Cinematic Universe at GOMA – Yep, It was Pretty Awesome

Over the last weekend we got a chance to finally check out the huge Marvel Cinematic Universe exhibition at Brisbane’s GOMA. This exhibition is honestly HUGE! As a bit of a Marvel fan boy myself, I went into this with high hopes, and I will tell you now, I was not disappointed. The experience brings over 500 props, costumes and full sets to life using some impressive technology, and takes over the entire bottom floor of GOMA.

As our group are all based on the Gold Coast, naturally we drove to GOMA, deciding for some odd reason to park at QPAC instead of the GOMA car park. Not that this is much of an issue, but as some of you may know it’s a bit of a walk between venues. Parking for us was $16, a bulk fee every driver is charged upon entry into the car park, however the cost is much the same over at GOMA.

If you’re not intending on driving, there is a plethora of public transport opinions available for you. Jumping on the Train? Your best bet will be to jump off at the South Brisbane station and take a quick stroll over to the GOMA complex. The extremely frequent bus route 444 stops right out the front of the centre. It generally passes by every 10 minutes on peak and 15 minutes off peak.

The Exhibition

What can I say…. I walked into this thinking I would see a couple of cool props and a costume or two. I was blown away by what we were shown. Starting off you are guided into a room showing off some older Marvel comics. Continuing on guests are guided from one room to the next, with every new area focusing on a different franchise. You’ll have a chance to check out some epic items straight from the Marvel Archives. This includes Thor’s Hammer, multiple revisions of Iron Man suits and Caps shield.

Marvel Cinematic Universe at GOMA
Thor’s hammer was quite a popular photo opportunity among guests.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe not only gives guests a view of what movie goers would see. But also a behind the scenes look into the work that goes into to these extremely successful films. Giving you a glimpse into the worlds of production designers, story boarders, pre-vis artists, costume designers and VFX artists.

By far the most impressive set would have to be the throne room featuring an entire set from upcoming movie Thor Ragnarok. An entire exhibition hall had been taken over by this monster of a set. It was extremely impressive seeing not only the sheer size of the thing, but the attention to detail on the all the little nooks and crannies that may have only seen seconds of screen time.

Marvel Cinematic Universe at GOMA
The Captain America hall was pretty epic.
Marvel Cinematic Universe at GOMA
This beast was huge, standing around 4.5 meters tall.
Marvel Cinematic Universe at GOMA
The detail that goes in to the sets and costuming is phenomenal.
Marvel Cinematic Universe at GOMA
I am Groot

Continuing on…

I’d have to say without a doubt, that the final room would have to be the biggest hit with the families. It features multiple highly interactive displays that all seemed to draw a large crowd. It had your standard Green Screen photography, not that impressive, seen it a thousand times over within our theme parks. In saying that, the line for it was extremely long. The young ones loved the multiple motion capture stations, allowing them to take control of their favourite characters.

While most of this room was focused around the kids, there was one station that was pretty epic if you ask me. Guests would sit in front of large screens, watching a scene from Captain America – Civil War play back. Also in front of them were a set of 4 audio faders, each controlling a different sound track. They would then get to mix the entire scene, adding in the right amount of score over the punch sound effects. This gave you a chance to become a Hollywood Sound engineer, it was actually pretty neat.

As a given with these sorts of attractions, you’re naturally flushed out into an tiny, overfilled Gift Shop. Don’t get me wrong, there were some cool things up for sale. It just baffles me that people make these rooms as small as possible and fill them with obstacles. Causing a massive bottleneck of people all trying to get out. Gift shop rant over…

Marvel Cinematic Universe at GOMA

Marvel Cinematic Universe at GOMA

Key Info

  • Opening Hours:
    • Daily – 10:00am – 5:00pm
    • Wednesdays – 10:00am – 9:00pm
  • Ticket Prices – Single Entry:
    • Adult: $25
    • Concession: $20
    • Children (5 – 12 years): $10
    • Infants (Under 5 years): Free of Charge!
Marvel Cinematic Universe at GOMA
Nerdy Ticket Shot….

This Marvel exhibit is definitely worth you’re time! My only suggestion would be, if you really want to fully experience this exhibit, visit during the week. The crowds will be a lot smaller, and some of the interactive elements along the way wont be packed to the brim with people. GOMA have definitely stepped up their game with this one. Make sure you set aside some time to check out this awesome exhibition before it closes this September.

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