Review & Guide – Get Adventurous on Wild Ropes at Taronga Zoo

As if high ropes courses aren’t wild enough. Sydney’s newest one places you in the centre of excitement that is Taronga Zoo. Wild Ropes combines adventure with learning, giving guests conservational lessons whilst they complete over 40 obstacles.

Your journey typically starts with the suit up, this gets you fitted with a harness, belay, pulley and a helmet. The zoo supplies and fits all of this, so no need to bring your own…. I’m looking at you rock climbers. Once geared up, you’ll receive a comprehensive safety briefing before you’re set to adventure the Wild Ropes courses.

Once you’re strapped in and completed your safety briefing you are free to start exploring the course at your own pace. Along the way you will be given a birds eye view of some of Australia’s most iconic animals including kangaroos and wombats.

Wild Ropes - Taronga Zoo
Wild Ropes is such a great addition to Taronga.

As the Wild Ropes entry is at the top of the Zoo, I’d recommend making your way up with at least 15 minutes to spare. If arriving by ferry, I suggest allowing yourself at least 20-25 minutes to get into the zoo and up to the top plaza. A good tip would be to purchase your tickets on the Circular Quay wharf before boarding. Not only can you combine it with your ferry ticket, but upon arrival at Taronga, you’ll be able to jump straight on the Sky Safari which will transport you to the top plaza, skipping the lines at the lower entrance.

The Course

Wild Ropes currently has four different course for you to test your skills. Lacking the Tarzan gene? Try you luck on the two lower courses before venturing further up to the more difficult obstacles. It’s a real hands on, legs on educational experience. Currently Wild Ropes features two high courses and two low courses, all featuring 17 obstacles of different difficulty levels.

With everything from swinging steps, to hanging tunnels, it’s got something to test everyones skills. I’d honestly say it’s the Australian Ninja Warrior of the bush. Half the fun is just watching your friends slipping and falling between obstacles. Good new’s is, if you are too chicken to participate or just wanting to suss it out, you can view the course from many vantage points from below.

With a height difference of 6 metres, there is quite a jump between the low and high challenges. The low courses sit around 5 meters off the ground in most areas, and mainly feature easier obstacles, including bridges and tunnels. Looking for something more challenging? Try your luck on the high courses, both hanging around 11 meters from the ground and featuring aerial rock wall climbs and flying foxes.

Wild Ropes - Taronga Zoo
Smile!! The courses feature multiple camera locations, ready to snap your photos.

The Cost

With multiple packages available for purchase, it is advised you first take into consideration the amount of time you would like to spend exploring the courses. Keep in mind that it will take you at least 90mins to complete the Wild Ropes course, and may prohibit you from experiencing other zoo attractions.

The standard adventure package starts at $37 for Adults and $32 for Juniors, this includes one low and one high course, generally taking 90mins to complete both courses.

If you’re looking for something extra, you can chose to upgrade to the Ultimate Challenge package, starting at $64 for Adults and $54 for Juniors. The Ultimate Challenge gives you access to all four courses, two low and two high.

And for the younger kids, it’s $20, providing them with access to both the Koala and Possum courses. Children can explore theses courses as many times as they wish during a 1hr period.

I personally chose to go with the full Ultimate Challenge, mainly because I had quite a bit of time on my hands having been a frequent visitor to the zoo. The full 4 courses usually takes around 2-3hrs depending on the group of people you are climbing with. This is one thing to be mindful of, if it’s your first time visiting Taronga, I recommend only grabbing the standard adventure package, and booking early rather then later in the day.

Wild Ropes - Taronga Zoo

Key Information

Age Requirements –

Children between the ages of 8 and 17 years are considered Juniors.  Children under the age of 13 will need an adult to accompany them during their adventure.

Height and Weight Requirements –

Guests must be at least 140cm tall, and must weigh less than 120kgs to participate in Wild Ropes.

Opening Hours –

Wild Ropes is opened daily, with the first session starting at 9:30am and the last group admitted at 3:00pm (May – Aug) & 3:30pm (Sept – Apr).

This is honestly such a great new addition to the already jam-packed line up of experiences on offer at Taronga. From start to finish the entire experience has been thoroughly thought out, the flow between suit up & safety briefing, to the attraction itself feels extremely natural. Taronga’s staff are known for being extremely friendly, this attraction is no exception. They are definitely a great bunch of people, who seem to genuinely love their jobs.

Adding some sort of an obstacle course seems to be the big new trend for wildlife parks. After having a chance to experience multiple installations across Australia. I can happily say this would probably have to be my favourite.

Whether your into spectacular skylines, famous Australian wildlife or testing your upper body strength, Wild Ropes has something for everyone.

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