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I recently had the chance to try the brand new food offerings now on sale at the extended Dirty Harry’s Bar & Grill. Warner Bros. Movie World have been recently stepping up their game in all areas within their park and the opening of this new food outlet is just another example of this.

With a plethora of food offerings to choose from your only problem will be picking just one. Some of the new choices include Dirty Lattice Fries, Pulled Pork Nachos, Spicy Chicken Wings, Stuffed Jalapeños & Mozzarella Sticks, and Fish Taco with Soft Tortilla. These are just some of the items now available at the Bar & Grill. Theme Park goers also have the opportunity to build their own Chicken or Beef Burritos, as well as adding multiple other extras to their food items.

Dirty Harry's Bar & Grill
Dirty Harry's Bar & Grill

The restaurant is located in a brand new purpose-built extension to the crowd favourite Dirty Harrys Bar. Large glass windows surround the main grill area giving theme park guest the opportunity to witness their food being prepared before their own eyes. The whole new building follows the the same architectural design as the surrounding Bar and Tavern structures. A brand new seating area has also open been opened to support the extra guest wanting to experience the brand new food outlet.

Dirty Harry's Bar & Grill

I have had the opportunity to try multiple items off the brand new menu, with the Pulled Pork Nachos and Dirty Lattice Fries being two of my favourites. I personally believe this is an awesome step in the right direction for Warner Bros. Movie World. They are certainly setting a new bench mark for the other parks to follow.

The Bar and Grill has paved the ways for the future of theme park food, setting a new level of delicious offerings that is sure to find its way into other food outlets within the park. It is proving to be extremely popular and is hopefully a sign for more to come.

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