Fright Nights 2017 – What We Know So Far…

Tonight we have seen the launch of the offical website, with some key information regarding this years extremely popular Fright Nights event held at Warner Bros. Movie World being released.

So here’s what we know so far….


This years event will be held over 9 nights. With the first event starting on the 30th of September, and then every Friday and Saturday night following. I’m sure we will also see the addition of a “VIP Night” so this could quite possibly add a 10th night.


Following their current maze model, we will see the return of the two “Hero” mazes from last years event. These are the Dusk Till Dawn Maze and the Conjuring 2 maze.

As for the two new mazes, there has been a bit of speculation around the inter-webs, with HalloweenSawIT and Fredy vs. Jason being the most popular ones.

Location wise, we know for sure that we will not be seeing a maze in the Intensity building this year, as the dodgems are scheduled to return on the 5th of September. However there is currently construction within this area, but has been noted that it is most likely for the TVC Production. This really only leaves a few possible locations, these being:

  • SoundStages 1 and 2 – Unused last year due to tight rules regarding film productions within the studio complex.
  • Custom Build Sheds – Last year we saw the addition of two brand new sheds in the unused plot behind SDSC/Doomsday. These housed Dusk Till Dawn, which will return to this location and Wyrmwood, which has had it’s two year run.
  • ShowStage – There is a small chance that we will see the return of the Conjuring in this location, however we believe that the all new BloodLust Dark Magic Ritual show staring Matt Hollywood will be shown in this space.
Guests Participating in a Panic Room Experience


We will again see the return of Gothic Hall, most likely located as it has been for the last two years in the Gotham Hall/Cafe area. We also know that we will see the addition of at least two new precincts, the possible locations for these could be:

  • Main Street (Duh)
  • Fountain Area and Superman Escape Launch Grass
  • Blood Alley – Pending the Return of the Studio Locations
  • Old China Town/Arkham Exit Area
  • Western Town Area


This year we will see the addition of the BloodLust Dark Magic Ritual show presented by magician Matt Hollywood, show twice nightly at 7pm and 8pm.

Immerse yourself in a wold of blood magic as you witness the impossible as master illusionist Matt Hollywood causes chaos and ritual sacrifices in the all new, Bloodlust Dark Magic ritual.

There will be at least another two shows this year, one being the Opening Moment – The Horror Awakens and the Closing Moment Rise of the Dead. It is highly likely we will see at least one more large scale show, plus bands and roaming entertainment, throughout the night.

Ultimate Terror Tour

For the fourth year in a row, we will again see the return of the extremely popular VIP Experience, the Ultimate Terror Tour. Guests participating in the Terror Tour experience get a range of extras including early entry, themed buffet, bottomless drinks, Unlimited Fast Track, plus a VIP only Behind the Screams tour, exclusive “Terror Tour Key Access” to secret rooms within select mazes. The price point for this experience is usually around $120 – $150 not including entry.


Zombie Terminator

Zombie Terminator will more than likely be a laser tag or paint ball type experience. Our hypothesis is it will be held in the Hollywood Stunt Driver arena, with a “suit up” and briefing area most likely to be build in the extended HSD queue line. It seems that a recent job listing job listing on the Village Roadshow Theme Parks careers portal for a “muscular female who can portray a Russian Army Major” will be linked to this experience.

“Zombie Terminator: It’s all about team work and determination in this frightful fight. You’ll need a different kind of strategy, because how do you survive when your target is already dead”

Panic Rooms

We will see the return of four Panic Rooms in their current location, which is on the old Lethal Weapon external queue area. Last years Panic Rooms were, DevilutionSrique De La PeurThe Play Pen and  Night Crawler. We are expecting to see the return of these 4 rooms, as we have not yet seen any action surrounding these rooms.

Fast Track

Again Fast Track will be the way to go if you are prepared to drop a bit of extra dough. Allowing you to skip the lines of not only the lines, but also the mazes. This is definitely the best way to experience your night, ensuring you do not miss a thing.

Reel Horror

Movie World’s Horror Film Competition will make a return this year. Film makers will have a chance to create their own halloween masterpiece which will then be judged by a panel. Prizes include $1000 and $5000 cheques. Plus a chance to have their creation featured in the following years event as either a Maze or Precinct. 2015’s winner was chosen to have a precinct named Apparition’s, after the film of the same title. Last Years winners were, Winner – Mannequin, Runner Up – The Whistler and People’s Choice – The Rake.

It is extremely interesting to see this amount of information being leaked so early on. With the event still over a month away, we are sure more information will be released in the coming weeks. Keep checking back to escape for all your Fright Nights information.

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