Taronga Zoo – Beautiful View

Taronga is the aboriginal meaning of “beautiful view” and what can I say, that is exactly what this zoo offers. It has been quite some time between visits to the must see Sydney Australian attraction. But with some spare time in a recent weekend trip to Sydney I decided to brave the cold and check out everything that the Zoo has on offer.

Taronga Zoo

Getting There

By far one of the easiest ways of getting to the Zoo is by the famous Sydney Ferries. Not only does it provide you with some spectacular views as you make your way across the harbour to Taronga, but it is also extremely cost and time effective. I highly recommend purchasing your Zoo ticket on the Wharf, not only will you be offered great prices on Zoo & Ferry tickets, but it also means on arrival you are able to make your way straight to the Sky Safari skipping the long lines that form outside of the lower park entrance.

If your not a fan of water, Sydney’s other public transport has you covered. Buses arrive and depart from the top and bottom entrances every 20 – 25 mins. Have a car? Taronga has plenty of parking on site but does come with a hefty cost of $18 for the day.

Taronga Zoo
The majestic ‘Freshwater’ beginning it’s journey to Taronga Zoo.

Sky Safari

The Sky Safari gives you a real “Welcome to Jurassic Park” moment as you leave the station and begin to travel to the top of the zoo. You will be awarded with stunning views of not only the vast size of Taronga, but also the famous Sydney Harbor. This experience gives you a unique look into some of the more popular attractions as it traverses it’s way through the Zoo to the main plaza.

If arriving by ferry, I recommend catching the the Sky Safari from the bottom to the top of the Zoo to begin your day. This not only avoids the large crowds of guests disembarking buses and ferries, but also gives you the chance to work your way down the hill, avoiding steep hills and large sets of stairs, as the day goes on this is sure to tire you out. The Sky Safari is included in the price of admission and can be experienced as many times as you wish.

Taronga Zoo
The Sky Safari provides guests with stunning views of the Sydney Harbour.

Where To Eat

The Zoo is riddled with some awesome places to pull up a chair and have a bite to eat. Whether you are looking for a simple Egg and Lettuce sandwich, or something as extravagant as a thai beef stir-fry, Taronga’s many food courts and mobile snack stations has something for you. I’d highly recommend taking a stroll to the Marketplace, offering a wide range of meals for an extremely good price. After having the opportunity to travel to some awesome zoo’s and theme parks, Taronga, without a doubt has the best “bang for your buck” you can expect restaurant quality food, for McDonalds style prices. It’s Awesome!

Taronga Zoo
The Marketplace provides great views of the Asian Elephant exhibit. Try align your lunch break with one of the many daily keeper talks, for some entertainment whilst you chow down on your meal.
Taronga Zoo
Honestly, Taronga Zoo has some of the most stunning exhibits, this is the blue mountain aviary.
Taronga Zoo

Shows and Experiences

With over 40 Keeper Talks, Shows and Experiences a day, there is sure to be no dull moment during your zoo visit. I highly, highly recommend the Free Flight Bird Show, which usually shows twice a day. As well as the Seal Show in the Great Southern Oceans precinct. Another must see would have to be the Elephant Keeper Talk, this usually is on around 1:30pm and gives guests a look into ‘playtime’ for these gentle giants. As I said earlier, try tee this up with a lunch or snack break, as it does provide some great entertainment whilst you have a rest.

Taronga Zoo
The Seal Theatre Show is anything but your standard Sea World Seal Show.

I recommend trying to catch the mid day Seal Show during school holiday periods. It is a different experience that gives guest a behind the scenes look into the training of these loveable creatures. With 3 shows daily, the 2nd show of the day is usually the training demonstration. However this is subject to change, it is definitely worth checking the show guide on the day of your visit.

Taronga Zoo
The QBE Free Flight Bird Show is a MUST! I know what your thinking, its just another standard bird show, that features a bunch of Aussie birds with some corny humor mixed in, wrong! Taronga’s Bird Show features an amazing array of wildlife performing in front of one of the most spectacular backdrops, the Sydney Harbour.
Taronga Zoo
Taronga is constantly building new exhibits to further the message of conservation and preservation – Opening in 2017, Sumatran Tiger Experience.
Taronga Zoo
Taronga actively supports many conservation projects around the world.
Taronga Zoo
I can’t stress this enough, Taronga Zoo has some of the best views in the world!
Taronga Zoo
Was just a little too cold for these guys.
Taronga Zoo
Taronga Zoo has one of the worlds most successful Asian Elephant breeding programs.

 Key Info

  • Opening Hours:
    • 9:30am – 4:30pm (May – Aug)
    • 9:30am – 5:00pm (Sep – Apr)
    • 9:00am – 4:00pm (New Years Eve)
    • Taronga Zoo is open every single day of the year!
  • Ticket Prices at the Gate:
    • Adult: $46
    • Children (4 – 15 years): $26
    • Concession: $36
    • Infants: Free of Charge

Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo is a must see attraction. Whether you have been there a million times, like myself, or it is your first time visiting. You are going to be impressed by not only the wide range of wildlife on display, but the stunning views that you are going to be provided with. I cannot recommend this attraction enough!

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