Thanks for Stopping By…..

Welcome, and thanks for stopping by…

Some of you may have found your way here after Facebook kindly notified you that “a page you follow changed their name”, others may be brand new here, so to you I say Welcome!

In 2011 we launched The Theme Park Place and in August 2017 we will launch Escape

Let me preface this by saying, this will not be your standard Gold Coast Theme Park based blog, it will be so much more (I will get into this shortly).

You will see it all, from theme parks to zoos, festivals to concerts, rodeos to state shows, and SO. MUCH. MORE!


I’m Luke, the leader of this fine group of people that form Escape. We have a line up of amazing people that will make up our core team, with a few working behind the scenes. Some are writers, whilst others are photographers & videographers. We are all based on the sunny Gold Coast of Australia, however our content will feature articles from all corners of the globe.


As of August this year all of our old The Theme Park Place social accounts will be converted to the new Escape branding. I look forward to catching up with all our old fans, and making & meeting many more along the journey that will be, Escape.

Answers for Your Questions

Will you be covering ALL the Latest Gold Coast Theme Park News?

The Simple answer is No, we are aiming for much more then that. We will be focusing on reviews, trip reports, hot tips and guides. However, in saying that, we will still cover all the latest attraction openings, and any other exciting moments within the parks, but it will not be wall to wall coverage.

So if you aren’t covering Theme Park News, what are you going to be writing about?

We are planning on providing our fans with Travel Guides, Attraction & Experience Reviews, as well as interviews, photo blogs, trip reports… Plus so much more! It is going to be truely incredible. We can’t wait to share it all with you.

I still read articles from, where can I get these now?

With over 300+ articles on TTPP’s website, we understand people are still wanting to read older posts. We are currently sorting through and picking some posts that fit the new Escape style. These will be bought over to this website. All our other posts will be stored on a new TTPP Archive, this will be active shortly. We will be sure to notify everyone when the archive is available.

How often can we expect an article?

We are planning to be releasing at least one article a week, however during busy times, like halloween, you can expect a lot more then that. Between publishing articles, make sure you follow our social channels, as we will be posting videos, photos and hot tips.


In 2011, The Theme Park Place (what a name right?) was formed. The aim was to provide Gold Coasters with the latest news from your favorite theme parks. However it morphed into something much bigger than that, now with over three million views in total across its YouTube videos, thousands of views on photos from the Flickr account and again millions of hits on our website. The Theme Park Place has truly become one of the most popular Australian Theme Park fan bases.

Year after year we developed the website into a home base for what ever information you needed, including all the latest news, reviews, press releases and so, so much more. Sadly in 2016 we decided that it was time to hang up the camera, format the card one more time and said goodbye to the fans…. Until Now!

Thanks for sticking by during this transition, and I hope you truly enjoy the new range of content moving forward.

Cheers, and get ready to escape!

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