About Escape

Escape was launched mid 2017 by a great team of people, not only passionate about travel, but about capturing memories in film and photography that can then be shared with you, our fans.

We aim to bring you the best travel guides, reviews, hot tips and news. Join us as we experience some of the best attractions on offer throughout Australia and the World!


In 2011, The Theme Park Place (what a name right?) was formed. The aim was to provide Gold Coasters with the latest news from your favourite theme parks. However it morphed into something much bigger than that, now with over three million views in total across its YouTube videos, thousands of views on photos from the Flickr account and again millions of hits on our website, The Theme Park Place has truly become one of the most popular Australian Theme Park fan bases.

Year after year we developed the website into a home base for what ever information you needed, including all the latests news, reviews, press releases and so, so much more. Sadly in 2016 we decided that it was time to hang up the camera, format the card one more time and said goodbye to the fans…. Until Now!